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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Spring Break fun with mazes, mandalas, and more!

After a year spent indoors because of the pandemic, I have finally merged my origami and paper engineering hobbies with my interest in conservation to create an activity book for kids. 

Rainforests and Reefs, available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, makes learning fun with hours of puzzles, spot-the-difference, word seek, mazes, and more.

In it, you can also make paper bag puppets, bird masks, a Hawaiian monk seal visor, and several origami models.

Need help with the paper construction? I've uploded instructional videos to my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/TammyYee.


 Rainforests and Reefs

From the mountains to the sea, make learning fun at home or on the go. A variety of activities and puzzles teach children about tropical wildlife and conservation. Featuring mazes, mandalas, spot the difference, word seek, and more. With 14 bonus paper projects including masks, paper bag puppets, and origami. Links to instructional videos guide children through the paper projects.

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