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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The 19th Biennial Conference on Literature and Hawaii's Children: June 8-9, 2018

Interested in writing and/or illustrating children's books? The 19th Biennial Conference on Literature and Hawaii's Children, June 6-9 at Chaminade University is free for anyone interested in children's and YA literature.

I'll be presenting three topics:

FRIDAY, JUNE 8 • 3:00 p – 4:15 p
CREATING LITERATURE: How to Write and Sell Picture Book Biographies 
Ellie Crowe
 and Tammy Yee 
There is a constant market for good biographies in the school market. Ellie Crowe tells how to pick a great subject, research, plot, escalate the stakes, and provide a good climax and ending when writing biographies for elementary and middle school readers. Tammy Yee tells how to research the background for meaningful illustrations that create and add depth to a picture book biography. 

SATURDAY, JUNE 9 • 10:15 a–11:30 a  

CREATING LITERATURE: Write Like an Illustrator; Illustrate Like a Writer 
Tammy Yee 

Like the lyrics and melody of a song, the words and art of a picture book work synergistically to create a composition that is richer than its individual parts. In this session we’ll explore the nuances of writing and illustrating picture books, and how to create memorable characters and stories by writing what the pictures don’t show and illustrating what the words don’t tell.

SATURDAY, JUNE 9 • 1:00 p – 3:15 p
TEEN TRACK: Creating Impact in Children’s Book Illustration 
Tammy Yee 

Bring along a sketchbook and pencil, and we’ll explore how to bring characters to life and create compelling visual narratives through composition, symbolism and pacing. Optional: Bring portfolio samples (no originals, please) for feedback. (Workshop for youth, only.)

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