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Monday, October 8, 2012


Here's another possibility--I'm not endorsing any company or publishing contest--remember to always read the fine print.

Looking For Authors in Upcoming Hawaii Book!

 Become a published author in an upcoming book for worldwide e-distribution and print. Everyone is focused on 2012, politics 

and elections, economic issues, and what mainstream media is 
telling everyone about negativity.
 Hawaii Wellness Directory and Worth Grace Media are 

responding by partnering in a special creative collaboration 
to highlight messages of hope - for beyond 2012. 
Be a part of this opportunity to give your heartfelt message of encouragement, inspiration and guidance to people around the world.

DEADLINE-October 15th 2012

We are accepting 100 submissions to be featured and published in December 2012. 

Five (5) judges will be reviewing entries to select the messages that move us the most. You must live in Hawaii part-time or full-time. 
Authors will receive ongoing support via networking throughout 2013 from HWD and WGM "

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