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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update: Nipper, the Baby River Dolphin, Loses his Battle to Live

Piky the penguin, monitoring little Nipper's first swim.

Piky stands vigil over Nipper's empty pool.
Nipper, the rare baby La Plata river dolphin rescued from a Uruguayan beach, died at dawn on November 13, 2010 due to complications from hypothermia and respiratory failure. Although his prognosis was grim, one couldn't help but cheer the little fellow of the "smiling" calf raised awareness to the plight of endangered river dolphins, and the story of Piky, the rehabilitated erect-crested penguin's bond with the little cetacean was especially touching. It's difficult not to anthropomophize these beautiful creatures when witnessing such behavior.

Now it's believed the little dolphin may have been deaf, an ailment implicated in the "1,200 to 1,600 cases of dolphins and whales that wash ashore in the US every year." In any case, Nipper is believed to have sustained injuries consistent with net entanglement. According to Richard Tesore, head of the NGO Rescate Fauna Marina that cared for the sick dolphin, "2000-4000 Plata River dolphins die each year from being entangled in fishing nets."

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