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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Publishing Trends: Literary Lion John Edgar Wideman Chooses Lulu

"John Edgar Wideman, a fixture of the American literary establishment and two-time winner of the prestigious Faulkner Award for fiction, has chosen to publish his latest work through Lulu, breaking from the traditional model he has used to successfully publish more than 20 other works. 

"Wideman decided against a traditional publishing contract — and royalty advance —  for Briefs because he wanted more control over the publishing process and to develop a more direct connection with his readers. He also wanted to experiment at a time when the publishing industry is undergoing more revolution than evolution."

Read the entire article on Yahoo Finance.

So what's an author to do? The recording industry, on the front lines of digital sharing, is half of what it was a decade ago. Newspapers are folding, Kindle, Nook and the iPad are here to stay.

Personally, since I both write and illustrate and the rights return to me once my books go out of print, I've been thinking about converting those out-of-print titles to print-on-demand.

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