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Thursday, December 18, 2008

in a bear mood

We've been planning Yosemite. And in between writing, I've been thinking about bears.

Maybe I've been watching too much Stephen Colbert. Or too much of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

No, I think it's that news about the Cincinnati full face transplant. Call it the curse of Google. Or a brief break from writing (not avoidance)...after all, I've made it past chapter 15 and have some 90 pages, so I think a break is deserving...

In Isabelle Dinoire's memoir, Le baiser d’Isabelle ( Isabelle’s Kiss), she describes what led to her tragic accident, and the irony of her life-altering facial transplant surgery. She apparently tried to kill herself by taking an overdose of sleeping pills to "dull the pain." While she was unconscious, her Labrador inexplicably attacked her, chewing off her lips and parts of her chin and nose. When she woke, she was in such shock that she wasn't aware of what had happened until she tried to light a cigarette. Anyway, here's where it gets strange. The donor whose face she received...was a 46 year old woman who hung herself. You can't even write that stuff. I just wish this woman (Isabelle) all the best, and I hope she has ample support and counseling.

So how did I get from bears to face transplants...yeah, I admit my thread is unraveling. The transplant news got me thinking about a documentary I had seen about a Siberian man who had survived a bear attack and was confined to his home until a proper prosthetic could be made.

No, I'm not always this gruesome. Blame it on too many years in the hospital, and hours upon hours of writing...

Putting away the bears now. Back to writing.

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